#ROBIN ... music in general. theater. baking. sapphics.


homophobes ... men. (most) str8 people.
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atla. tlok. kataow. spop. jatp. awae. glee. stranger things. toh. tdp. wandavision. fatws. first kill. s&b.


camp halfblood chronicles. grishaverse.


hadestown. six. heathers. bmc. beetlejuice. legally blonde. west side story. mean girls.



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β˜… robin buckley.
β˜… best girl!
she likes listening to music, sweets, cold water, lava cake, burning candles and more !

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BYF i'm a minor! i'm v inactive on twt.
DNI -13 / +21. basic dni criteria (homophobic, racist etc.) mcyt stan. darkling & vecna apologist. byler anti.